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All-new cordless Eclipse Reverse. Millions living with tatted regret have a new clinical option to safely, effectively and affordably remove unwanted ink with ease utilizing the Eclipse Tattoo Removal Pen.

This revolutionary product out performs dermabrasion, creams and laser treatments. For many, old-school removal techniques presented considerable downsides, from expense and scarring to concerns about what happens to potentially dangerous inks in the body after a treatment.

“The Eclipse Tattoo Removal Pen addresses multiple layers of tattoo removal concerns,” said Tom O’Brien, CEO of Eclipse Aesthetics. “With this innovative technology, we’re now able to attack all ink colors and remove it from the skin reducing the risk of it being absorbed into the body.” This issue has become paramount with the FDA raising concerns about possible carcinogens within tattoo ink.

The cordless tattoo removal pen utilizes the Mechanized Epidermal Tattoo Removal (METR) technique to deliver superior results compared to many of the existing tattoo removal options. The Eclipse Reverse™, which works on most skin types and all ink colors, erases tattoos mechanically using a specially developed process and a natural, proprietary tattoo ink removing solution.

how micropen works

“This Eclipse Tattoo Removal Pen is truly a disruptive innovation in the tattoo removal market. It’s going to revolutionize how people have their tattoos removed,” said Mr. O’Brien. “Unlike lasers that literally explode ink within the body, the Eclipse Reverse™ reduces the risk of potentially carcinogenic ink compounds being broken down and absorbed into the liver and lymphatic system.” The Eclipse Tattoo Removal Pen lifts the ink out and away from the skin safely.

“This new technology is great news for millions of unhappy ink owners who have been waiting for an affordable and safe solution,” said Mr. O’Brien. Over 45 million people have tattoos. Per the latest polls, nearly 20 percent report regrets and want to remove the remnants of their tattooed past. “Lives change, tattoos don’t,” Mr. O’Brien added. “As people enter the workforce or their lifestyles evolve, they want to erase outdated tattoos without spending a fortune or a ton of time to do so.”

While costly laser treatments can take up to 10 sessions or more, depending upon the tattoo, the Eclipse Reverse™ typically only requires three to five treatments. After a few sittings, patients are free of their undesirable artwork.

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