Do you have signs of aging suddenly beginning to cross your face? It’s not your fault. It is one thing that is sure and constant in life. However, maybe it becomes a fault if you don’t do anything about these aging lines or posters on your face.

For now, no known drug or medication can reverse the effects of aging, but there are simple routines like Dysport that can help you maintain a young and smooth face. At Rejuvenation on the Rox, you can make appointments with experienced and skilled providers to help you get rid of these wrinkles.

Is it the same thing as the Botox treatments?

While many people refer to it almost interchangeably with the Botox treatments, they are not entirely the same.

Yes, both of them may come from the botulinum toxin, they have their various uses. And they are both used to prevent wrinkling in a non-invasive process. However, the differences lie in their extraction, compound proteins, and actions.

What part of your face is Dysport used?

Although Dysport mainly aids the removal of wrinkles, it is primarily suitable for correcting glabellar lines, frown lines between eyeballs. Dysport is also great therapy for those with moderate to severe frown lines.

How long does the procedure take?

Unlike many other facials correction therapy or procedure, the Dysport option takes little time to heal and manifest. The non-surgical procedure takes only a few minutes (excluding the anesthetic). And you are even free to go once the procedure is done. It looks like magic, right?

           How long before the results?

Here is a part everyone wants to hear, and much to your liking, it takes almost no time. Some people even begin to see results from the procedure within 48 hours. The Dysport procedure has one of the fastest results rates among the facial treatments.

           Is it a painful procedure?

When most people hear such words, they immediately think of hospitals, injections, etc. However, this process is a non-invasive surgical procedure. Anesthetics are also applied to the areas around the area they inject.

It is a quick procedure; you are out before you can even say DYSPORT!

Are there side effects?

If you have ever had an injection, then you shouldn’t worry. Asides from the sensation of the needles entering your facial muscles, the process is painless and non-destructive. And any other external pains will be numbed down by the anesthetics.

Although, some people may experience common effects like;

  • Swelling around eyelids
  • Rash/irritations
  • Little headaches

How long do the results last?

Dysport treatments fair well and keep wrinkles from your face for as long as three to four months. However, since it is non-harmful, you can always go back for another treatment.

Who is the Dysport treatment for?

This treatment is intended for all adults who have moderate to severe facial lines and are in great health. Still, confirm with your doctor and dermatologist before scheduling a treatment.

These groups of people are generally not eligible for such treatments;

  • Pregnant people
  • People with allergies to botulinum
  • People with Milk allergy
  • Over the age of 65 years

But since you are not part of these groups, why not book an appointment with us